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When I was a kindergarten child I learned a song that went like this:

Goldenrod and asters,
All your hands can hold,
September wears a party dress
Of lavender and gold.

Each September this song plays thru my brain!

17 thoughts on “Goldenrod

  1. Hi, I have a friend looking for information on this song, and your link is the only one that comes up. Do know the title of the song, or what the tune is, or more lyrics?


    • I taught kindergarten in the 60’s and used a book (soft pinkish red color) with many endearing songs such as this one. There is a second verse which I can’t complete. Perhaps one of you will remember.
      “Red’s for gay October
      See her dancing by…

  2. Goldenrod and aster – i also learned that song in kindergarten – did you go to Burbank School in Chicago or was that just a typical kindergarten song years ago?

    • I learned it also at Sauganash School in Chicago by a teacher by the name of Mrs Stellar! I have been looking for the words for 40 years!! I was in Kindergarten there in 1958!

      • I learned it in the 1940’s at Irving Park School in Chicao. Must have been in the primary grades curriculum. Also learned September by Helen Hunt Jackson. “The goldenrod is yellow, the corn is turning brown. The trees in apple orchards, with fruit are bending down.”

  3. I, too, have been looking for the lyrics for years for my gdaughter. I would love to have the second verse as well. I also remember another fall song that I loved as a child but can’t remember the rest: I am the wind and when I blow, shutters bang, windmills go … Perhaps someone remembers this one as well.

  4. Oh please, if anyone remembers the second verse, email me at That second verse has been driving me nuts! I thought it was “see her standing there and ending “and flowers in her hair” but apparently my memory (not for the first time) is faulty.

  5. In first and second grade in 1961 and 1962 we sang this song also. I went to Stella Patterson School in Montgomery, Alabama. I would love to have words, a recording or the piano music. Every autumn when I see goldenrods the memories of this happy time flood back in.

  6. Hi… did anyone ever come up with the music and lyrics source for Golden Rod and Asters… I learned it in Westfield NY as a child in the 1940s and am the local historian… would like to locate this, please. and many thanks!

  7. Goldenrods and Asters, all your hands can hold
    …….of clear blue sky
    a pocket full of gold.

    I think these are the words I remember from kindergarten or 1st grade

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