Breathe in, breathe out

A few days of a tight chest and many rescue inhaler uses have driven me to the nebulizar.  I am finding that

this is working better than the  inhaler so on we go.  I would rather be sewing right now but thats the way it goes.

A few days of low key  being at home  should help.

7 thoughts on “Breathe in, breathe out

  1. Hello Jan
    Not good to hear, hopfully you won’t have to use the pump very often.

    Do you use a preventative inhaler (purple colour exterior)- mines called Seretide, 2 puffs in morning, 2 at night keeps things in check in Spring/Summer. Haven’t had to use the Ventolin one for a long time.

    Just a thought – Has your pollen season started yet?
    Think back over the past year to when you felt this way before and it may give you a clue, it could be a seasonal reason.

    Hope you have better days soon
    Take care

  2. Hello Jan,
    Nebulizers are a big help. I use mine 4 times a day every day and if we’re not home I do use puffers (2). Two puffs of atrovent and two puffs of albuterol. Great life,but they manage to keep me going along with th oxygen 24/7 and many other meds. Beutiful day here but it is supposed to rain some. Hope you are feeling better soon.I’m sure a few days rest will give you many new ideas for sewing beautiful dresses and other clothing. Lilly

  3. Hi Jan,

    Hope today is better than yesterday.Can’t get used to this keyboard. Isn’t quite the same as a typewriter. Seems like the keys are in the same position but closer together. Wish I could knit but have to be thankful I can crochet. Did you get the jeep keys taken away?? Oh well tomorrow is another day. Get well soon. Lilly

  4. Good Morning Jan,
    Hope you and your nebulizer are doing well and that you will soon be able to start sewing again. I have my left eye lasered today so hopefully I will soon be able to read and crochet. Breathing is still a problem but always will be so I just try to do things that will not put so much strain on this older body. Lilly

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