We just returned from the ER and I am feeling so much better. They jump started my breathing and took away the pain I was having.  I am thankful my DD who is a nurse in NC pushed me to go.  I thought I was handling it…

I actually didn’t realize I could feel this good, LOL.

5 thoughts on “ER

  1. Hello Jan
    Good to know common sense prevailed – Sometimes we have to be sensible and give in
    You must have been really crook for them to make you feel that much better lol
    Take care

  2. Hello Jan
    Glad to hear that you went to the ER. Sometimes it is necessary. I have to go to the plumonary doc on Monday. His office is in Rochester. Did they give you some new meds ? Hope to hear from you sometime. Try to have a nice Easter Holiday. Lilly

  3. Jan,
    Glad to hear you went to the ER. Sometimes it is necessary. Monday I’m going to Strong Memorial to see my plumonary doctor. I know the breathing is not good so maybe he will change some of my meds. Supposed to be nice for the Easter Weeekend. Today one of the daughters and her family will be home. They live in Binghamton and for Easter Sunday we will go to another daughters for dinner and take her mother in law along with us. Hope you keep feeling on the mend and look forward to hearing from you again. Love your dolls. Lilly

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