90 degrees in Maine in April!

We had a great trip to Bangor and were only inconvenienced by such hot weather!  The doctor visit went well with lots of questions answered and a direction to go in order to get this stubborn, chronic asthma under control.  I came away with several scripts and lots of good advice.  I return,( unless I  don’t improve) in six weeks.

After the appointment and yet another chest xray we headed over to visit with Nikki and Amanda.  Art came by to see us as well. What a neat family!amanda-004


We had a wonderful and very inexpensive lunch at the chinese buffet.  Unbeknown to us today the buffet, including the drink was $4.99 each.

I had a quick visit into the thrift shop and got a pair of half price jeans ($2.50) and a lavendar shirt fro Eddie Bauer.

The last stop was the grocery store for some fresh veggies and fruit. I got exactly what I was looking for and we headed home.amanda-0021

Before we left home at six this morning we both checked on mama duck who had one hatched duckling at that point.  When we returned she was not on the nest and there were three unhatched eggs there. She had already taken her little one to the pond!  However when I went to close the hen door she was back sitting on the nest again.  I think she might hatch out another one, although two of the eggs seems liquid-y so they are probably duds.

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