Getting well again!

Day two of better breathing, as my son said, must be like getting new glasses and suddenly realizing that you weren’t seeing very well.  Its just like that! My breathing deteriorated and I just got used to it. When the breakthough came I was stunned. Of course with all the meds that have been thrown my way it was bound to happen. Now to get through the excessive fatigue that poor breathing put on my body.  I got up this morning feeling pretty good, had a two hour crash where I could NOT function and then recovered (food and meds did the trick).   The rest of the day I felt good and breathed well. However this body is old (just the body, not the spirit) and it wouldn’t bounce back like it had in the past, lol. So I am muddling through doing the most important things and letting everything else go. My nurse daughter reminds me that it will take time and that I need to ‘do’ the time.

I am missing the sewing room and so sat there for a few minutes this afternoon and contemplated. I really wanted to get my hands into the wool and make a doll but resisted the temptation knowing that perhaps in a few days I can make an attempt.

Working together tonight we were able make  and serve a yummy pizza.  What supportive  husband I have!

One thought on “Getting well again!

  1. Your pizza sounds delicious. That is one thing I love but can’t eat to often because of the salt. Thank God for those water pills!! So good to hear you are feeling better. Don’t try to do to much all at once as you don’t want to relapse. What would we do without medical techonoligy. Hope tomorrow is better that yesterday and maybe you can get to work on your dolls. Lilly

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