Handmade for Christmas

handmade for christmas 001, originally uploaded by mabeane6.

I am blessed.
I find that there is great joy in being able to create these sweet babies and then choose sumptuous stretch velvet colors for their buntings. They are a wonderful “sit down” project and I love the results.

You guessed it, I had another breathing bout which took “it” out of me. Nonetheless I was able to make the best of the day by creating babies!

3 thoughts on “Handmade for Christmas

  1. Good Morning Jan, I just love these babies that you make. The clothes are adorable and the hair on the little boy you posted last reminds me of one of my nephews! I’m sorry you are having breathing difficulty. My mom has asthma bad most of her life so I do kinda understand. What a blessing to get so much joy from these cute creations. I also enjoyed seeing the yummy cookies you made. We are having cold temps today – it is currently 28* and yesterday we had snow flurries! Not common for Georgia! Hope today is a good day.

  2. Sometimes I feel we are being tested for other things to come but what they could be I do not know. Friday I made spagheti sauce and it was really quite good. The neighbor came over and asked how I made it because it smelled so good. I have a stool that I sit on when doing things in the kitchen which really helps a lot. I love to make cookies but then I always end up eating to many of them so I try to stay away from that end of baking but sometmes I give in. Well Mr. Bob just same out so guess it is time for breakfast. Hope you have a good day. lilly

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