Christmas Gift Bag

DH has to attend a Christmas party today and needed a gift.  It needed to be handmade…right up my alley! After choosing the gift I decided to make a gift bag.  I have been wanting to try this kind for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity.

I like the inside ties very much!

8 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Bag

  1. I would like to see that pattern, too — I love it. It would be great for kids’ extra clothes, or knitting projects, or how many other things, besides gifts.

  2. That’s a really good idea. I make a lot of gift bags but never thought of one like this. I’d also like to see the pattern.

  3. Yes, please post a pattern when you have one written out.

    On another note, Jill said she got her little doll. And she is “sweet.” So I have another satisfied customer for you .. you might want to put that on your blog – the picture of the green baby and my comments that it is really sweet and my grown daughter loves her.

  4. Istill love my baby Danielle. Your new gift bag is wonderful. What a neat way for me to carry crochet when I am on the way to the doctors and waiting to get in to see the doctor. Could you please e mmmmmmail your home address as I have a small sample I would love to send to you. We did buy a camera but not quite sure how to put pictures on my blog site yet. Will have to have daughter show me how. Very cold here but only a dusting of snow, supposed to be very nasty starting tomorrow. Hope to hear from you soon. Stay well . lilly

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