This is my Isaac!

IMG_1751, originally uploaded by shannabeane.

He is almost 18 months and doesn’t ta;k much yet. Clearly he is able to get his point across anyway! (He reminds me of Spanky , from Spanky and our gang in this photo).

2 thoughts on “This is my Isaac!

  1. Oh My! What a little sweetheart, he reminds me of my great nephew (Conrad). He didn’t talk much at 18 months but he will be three this month and now he never stops talking. My sister who is his grandma asked him today if he wanted to go see Aunt Ev and he said no but he would like to go see Aunt Evelyn.He knows I have a small stuffed animal in a basket with a lid on it for him and he can’t wait to get over here to get it. Just starting to see a few snow flakes so maybe by morning we will have a blanket of white. Looking forward to your e mail. lilly

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