So Cold

The sun is shining brightly but it is so cold outside.  The temp is zero degrees and the wind is brutal making it much colder!  Our helper girls came by to do the wood but we cancelled todays’ work so they wouldn’t freeze to death!

I am hoping to make some cookies today and maybe a brownie surprise as well.  However I am still lounging and computing as you can see.  DH is cheering me on saying that I don’t look so tired and I am doing the right thing.

Will I ever learn?  I know the world won’t stop if I sit as long as I need to but still I wonder…LOL.

One thought on “So Cold

  1. Forgot to tell you but I had Mr. Bob maila small package out to you on Thursday. Hope you enjoy and have a place to use it. Just wanted to let you see what my idle fingers do. Very sunny here today but as you said very, very cold. Grandchildren are coming to visit today and are bringing new greatgranddaughter. My findgers are very shaky this morning so not doing to much with the hands. I did bake cookies yesterdeay but by the time the kids leave who knows how many will be left. Hope you have a good day. lilly

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