I have a wonderful mixer, made in Sweden, with the motor on the bottom that we acquire several years ago along with my electric Whisper Mill that grinds my wheat.  The mixer will easily mix up several loaves of bread and I have really loved it.

However I got it into my head that I missed having my old Kitchenaid  (I gave it away when we got the new one.)  Then my youngest came home and said she’s purchased one from a colleague and I got thinking on it again.  After all I generally now only make one to two loaves of bread as that’s more than we eat in a week. I had wandered thru Ebay to look at the offerings and I  bid on a couple but was outbid as they went for a big price.

On Friday I put a bid on one I liked and went to bed.   I was genuinely surprised to wake up and find I had won it!  Oops!  I was sure I would be outbid.  Now I wondered if I’d made a mistake.

It arrived today.  (That was fast!)  I decided to test it out but making pie crust for apple pie.  It did what I wanted easily and the pie was delicious.  DH’s comment was, “Don’t send it back. It works!”

I wonder what I’ll make it do tomorrow?

One thought on “Oops!

  1. One of our girls bought me shredder, slicer and chopper combo for my birthday and I love it. /we tried sliced cheese with it and what a mistake. First you had to freeze the cheese for one hour and then put it through the slicer. We ended up with something that looked like white bunny droppings. I eventually used it for topping on green salads, But this thing works wonderful for sliicing potatoes for scalloped potatoes. Mr. Bob used it to make cole slaw and it worked wonderful. Hope you enjoy your new Kitchen Aid. lilly

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