As I have mentioned before, it is 40 minutes to the supermarket and a few other stores.  Today when my neighbor came in about 11:30AM we had coffee and chatted.  I mentioned Calais and she said,  “Do you want to go?”

I did.

We usually leave early in the morning so it was different to arrive early in the afternoon on a Thursday.  It was light on people traffic in the stores, making the shopping less stressful with no pushing or shoving.  I basically shopped for the month and was so pleased to have that done.  I HATE food shopping and since there are limited fresh fruits and veggies in the deep of winter in the north of anywhere, a month’s worth of purchasing can be done!

DH was home when we got there so the house was toasty and warm (Freezing outside).  He brought in all the groceries and I happily put them away.

I had pulled some turkey pie (thank you, Shanna) from the freezer, so supper was easy.  Tomorrow I process the meats into small packages and label and then freeze.  I have a doll to work on and two to mail out so my day is spoken for already.

Life is good.

One thought on “Done!

  1. We normally buy our meats and veggies in large amounts and them separate into smaller packages to freeze. Tonight we are having an easy supper (spaghetti). I refulse to eat spaghetti out as I always end dup with it all over myself. Here at home I have a bib I can wear.My holiday shopping is finished except for one grandaughter who is arriving from S. Carolina tomorrow and I will get the rest of hers while she is here at her fathers. Very cold herrrre so I am staying in where it is warm and no wind blowing. lilly

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