The gifts are piled around our small tree.  The last of the doll orders have been shipped. The house is toasty warm and it is snowing!  There are many different forecasts from 1-2 inches right up to 18 inches.  We’ll see what happens.  No matter what we are ready.

One thought on “Snowing

  1. This is probably the lassssst news unntil after Christmass as the family is starting to arrive aand visitsd and food are in abundance at this small apartment. Luckily I have all my shopping done ad d[food is mostly,except Xmas dinner. Roast pork is on the menu with scalloped potatoes and cauliflower. Kathy is bringing desert.. The doctor told me Monday that I could not lean on my arms anymore as I have just had to have my left arm lanced as I have infectionn in it. Quite painful and also brings another round of complications to our llife. Mr. Bob And I do hope that everyone at your home has a wonderful and enjoyable Xmas. lilly

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