At last a diagnosis

….that makes sense.

Yes, I have asthma (mild) but in addition I probably have hypersensitivity pneumonitis.  That comes from having kept chickens and probably also goats.  Not everyone is that sensitive to all the stuff floating around but apparently I am.

The symptoms the  specialists wanted me to have I did not have, ie wheezing for example.  However the symptoms I do have line up and the fact that both prednesone and oxygen have helped point to this.

Doc has scheduled an oxygen eval here at the house in a couple of weeks and we’ll go from there.

Nope…Aliens didn’t invade and cause this,

just my love of farming!

4 thoughts on “At last a diagnosis

  1. So glad you have finally have had some good news fro the doctors.Maybe its not good news but a least its something positive and that is more than you have had. To bad as you do like farming and the small animals so much. Maybe you could start making some mineature animals. (Only a suggestion) One dauaghter and granddadughter just arrived so I’d beter go. Have a Wonderful Xmas and will talk with youo later./ lily

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