Banking the House

Most everyone in our area living in older houses do something called, “banking the house’.  They use boughs or bags of leaves or plastic around the foundation.  Although we have done it in the past we don’t any more.

This means we have cold floors… at least until the snow piles up high enough to close off the exposed spaces.

With yesterday’s storm we are well banked!  The snow came off the roof with a thunderous noise and added a layer of warmth to the front room.  As we face a large field the cold winds come down and pound against the front of the house so this huge snowpile is good.

It only blocks a bit of my view!

The bird tray has had some much snow I can see it from my recliner as well!

2 thoughts on “Banking the House

  1. I was just thinking about this! Steve blew snow against the house by the dining room table and it’s making a big difference. I’m hoping the roof clears before it gets very cold again.

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