What Women Do

I am adding a note at the beginning of this post.

This is NOT about wanting men to do more.  My DH works full time and has picked up alot of the burden of what I used to do.  He is willing to run errands for me and handle a great deal of the tasks I used to do.  However before I got sick I thought keeping the home was “nothing”…come to find out its work!


I have come to realise that the daily picking up and putting away is something women do.  They don’t think about it, they just do it.

And putting dishes in the dishwasher happens almost automatically.  It’s an every meal thing…

My DH always says laughing, “Dirty dishes.  Just throw them away and buy new ones!”

Making the bed, ah yes. You get out. You make it.

Men , on the other hand, have better things to do!

These are some thoughts I had while resting in my recliner. I was warm, well fed and cheered on by my wonderful husband.

The state of my health allows me some temporary home care.

Help is on the way. The waiting list is only 4 months long!

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