Feeling Good

I have had a wonderful day.  I had some energy to work with and my breathing was good as well.  The pain from the last two days seems to have subsided.  Wow!

Yesterday I figured out that I’d put my new nebuliser togeter wrong so the meds were never reaching my lugs.  No wonder I didn’t feel any improvement.  When I got it together right I loosened right up and could breath again.  Another Wow!

I had fun working on this young lady today.  She will get her face and hair tomorrow. Making dolls puts me in a good mood for sure!

2 thoughts on “Feeling Good

  1. Your nebulizer looks just like mine and I use it four times a day. What do you put in y ours. Right now I am using ipratropium in mine and if a really bad day is happening I can use a doseof albuterol in it also. Those machines and meds are like gold. Glad to hear that it is really helping you. Haven’t been crocheting much as my left arm is still very weak.Hope everything keeps going well for you. lilly

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