Orders from the Doctor

This is amazing.  She is telling me the same things DH has been saying for the past several months.

You really are sick!

You really need to conserve your energy!

It’s okay to just veg.

Don’t push it.  We will get this thing figured out.  Well I hope so.  We are closing in on a year… far to long in my opinion.

And to add insult to injury we went to the eye doctor to have my glasses adjusted since they were sadly twisted.  I have been having trouble reading street signs (discovered that in Portland…very few signs here LOL) and that’s why I got new glasses in July!  They wanted to have the technician do a quick check to see if straightening my glasses had improved the situation.

“Cover your left lense,” she says. “Read the top line” (you know the one with the large letters)

“Hm. Is there an O in there?”

“Well, lets just try the other eye. Cover you lense and read the top line.”

I say, “You mean the fuzzy one?”

She quickly leaves the room and comes back with the appointment book and says,  “Can you come in to see the Doctor early Wed. morning?  This doesn’t seem quite right.”

So I will return and find out what is happening to the eyes.  I wonder what will decide to crumble next! LOL.

Laughing is much better than crying at this point!

2 thoughts on “Orders from the Doctor

  1. Hello Jan
    Sory I don’t more time to drop by and say hello – I do hope you get well soon. As long as your sense of humour doesn’t go walkabout you’ll be right:))
    Take care
    ps I love love love your wall of colour – so neat and tidy as well lol

  2. Could it be cataracts? That’s what was happening to me. Cataracts are “easy” to take care of… I was walking around in a fog thinking the world had gone fuzzy. Now I can see again. But I do need reading glasses all the time now.

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