No Need to Wonder!

new doll custom 008, originally uploaded by mabeane6.

When your sewing room is neat and tidy it beckons you. It calls you. It pulls you in. And then creativity starts to emerge.

I do need to admit I would spend all my time there if energy allowed it. I have such a good time and so enjoy the work.

Today I got this far on a custom order before the energy completely left me. She will get a dress and a sleeper as well as some kind of play outfit. And of course one or two sweet bonnets.

Then she’ll be off to be part of a birthday celebration!

One thought on “No Need to Wonder!

  1. Don’t we often wish our energy lasted as long as we thought it would. Sometimes a shower seems to sap all my energy. I did have the pic line removed today which is a big help with one tube gone from my arm. Now all I have is the is vacuum running out of my left arm. That is probably there for another two weeks. Can’t crochet yet as that darn tube gets in my way and the strength in my left arm is down to almost nothing ,so I have to work on getting some enery in that arm. Hope you are doing well and that the oxygen and nebulizer are still helpin you. lilly

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