Glass, glasses

I’m getting a stronger prescription and new glasses next week. Nothing serious is wrong (I’m thankful) except it would help if I were a few years younger and that this disease wasn’t stressing the old body so much!

The jeep has a new windshield as well.   Monday on the way home a baseball sized rock hit the windshield on the driver’s side.  Thankfully it didn’t go through and my husband was spared.  But since he couldn’t see through the windshield it had to be replaced immediately.  And its done!

The primary doctor has put me on 4xdaily neb treatments and added another morning med.  I took it this morning and it must be called a “slow down” medication because it surely has slowed me down!

My custom doll is coming together nicely.  This morning she got her tee-shirt.  If I can muster the energy she’ll get coveralls this afternoon.

One thought on “Glass, glasses

  1. I was getting new lens every six months and they finally decided to do cateract surgery on both eyes. They were not that bad but just enough so that I had to replace lens all the time and that got to be very expensive. The snow storm we were supposed to get went all the way around us. We probably got 8 to 110 inches and some people 15 miles from us got six feet., so we were very lucky. The one medicine I take morning and night after my neb treatment is Foradil.That is a powder in a capsul that you suck the powder from through a plastic instrument. Don’t know what they will come up with next but I’t sure it will be something I’ve never heard of. Hope everything is going well for you.Someone must have been riding with your husband to save him from that rock.Sometimes we are blessed and don’t even know it. Will write more tomorrow. lilly

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