Cut it short, make it easy!

My hairdresser cut my hair again today and said she was surprised at how quickly it grew!   She cut it a bit shorter today hoping we could go 6 weeks before it needed it again.  

I was thankful Sandra could get me there (when I got up I wasn’t sure breathing well was available).  We were able to do a ride around Hannaford’s and get this weeks needed groceries for my wordpad list!  I stayed in the car when she went into Walmart with my very short list.  There were no ride around carts and my breathing was acting up.  Nonetheless all got done and we even had a Dunkin Donut and coffee treat to get us home!

I am ever so thankful for such good friends.

I have been playing around with another pocket doll…easy recliner work!

One thought on “Cut it short, make it easy!

  1. I’m glad you had an outing. I LOVE your pocket dolls. I might send one to my dear friend who just lost her mother and is going in for surgery. Do you have a lovely deep purple color?

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