A………..Assortment of projects

assortment of projects, originally uploaded by mabeane6.

I have decided to try the A to Z blogging challenge for April.

Today is the day for A, I looked on my table that is next to my recliner and saw an assortment of projects and paraphernalia.  Since I have been ill (over a year) I have spent a lot of time “resting’ and consequently have a lovely table filled with projects I am working on, might want to work on or just plain think I should work on.  In addition are the things needed to help with the breathing , the water and best of all the laptop.

The laptop has kept me from going “nuts” as it connects me to friends and family and new blog friends as well.  It lets me market the dolls I make and post pictures of my life as viewed from the recliner!

As you can see in the picture I am working on finishing a sock.  I have reached the toe part so just maybe I can complete it today.  Then I can hop around on one socked foot until I finish the second one!  Knitting socks was something I learned last April when I realized figuring out what was wrong with me meant ‘resting’ until a diagnosis could be found.  So far I have made six pairs.  Handmade socks are so comfortable!

I also have a doll started…well just her head.  Perhaps she’ll get her body today.  I got some new doll hair yarn shipped in from Germany and it is so lush I want to made dolls just to try it out!

The weather is warm here today.  I hear the spring songs from the birds and am enjoying my windowsill spring flowers.

5 thoughts on “A………..Assortment of projects

  1. So glad you are with us. I’ve put the link to your site on the A to Z blogroll on the sidebar of my site. You will probably start getting visitors soon. I know what you mean about projects. Thank God I haven’t been sick, but I’ve been unemployed for a year now, which is something I haven’t been accustomed to, and I have been finding all sorts of projects to keep me busy while I wait for some responses to my resumes I send out.
    Current project? Blogging A to Z Challenge — this thing has taken off like crazy and has been keeping me very busy.
    Looking forward to your upcoming posts and thanks for joining us.

  2. Hello Jan
    This is going to be fun – look forward to your posts
    Good to hear you are feeling a bit better now, will the warmer weather be more of a help or a hindrance
    Take care

  3. Nice looking sock. Daughter Joy knits and I sort-of knit. I am pleased that another doll is in the making. For your laptop, do you have an external keyboard? Last year I had the laptop on a TV tray next to my chair and the keyboard would fit on my lap, so I didn’t need the whole laptop (with heat) on my sore knee. Worked great.

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