I was running through some E words for a topic today…exhausted, excited, enjoyable, elevated, endless… I thought of how easy we take things for granted.

Energy is one of those things.  Watching my small grandson Isaac races around full of boundless energy makes me breathless.  He is almost two and if that energy could be bottled up, oh the things we could do!

My teen age grandchildren in NY…sleep till noon and stay up until two in the morning, another kind of energy.  Fully engaged in their various activities they produce energy for anything they please.

The Spanish teacher daughter headed for the Dominican Republic in 8 days taking 27 students and parents for an international visit … the energy that took to put it all together and the energy needed to pull it off.   I am in awe.

My farmer daughter, milking 14 goats day in and day out expending energy to do that. Wow.

My birthday daughter (she’s 40 today) handling the ins and outs of three businesses as well as raising two terrific kids.  Where does she find her energy.

My 7 year old Florida soccer grandson racing up and down the field. Jumping, running, laughing, kicking the ball. Full of unlimited energy…oh the joy of it.

But energy is limited…I thought it would last forever.  I AM ready to have a little of mine back!

6 thoughts on “Energy

  1. I tell my 4 year old several times a week that I wish I had his energy! Of course, if I would exercise (another E word that I thought of using today) I would probably have more energy.

  2. I do hope you can get your energy back soon…I also see that there must have been a lot of wonderful loving energy in you to have raised such wonderful children who are raising their own wonderful kids… 🙂

  3. I have been short on energy for 9 yrs due to an illness, and just lately after surgery and treatment I am getting some of it back, so I know what you mean. Love the post, thanks for sharing, hope your energy comes back! I often wonder where my 4 children get all their energy and ask them if they could show me such a place so that I could get some too!

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