Farms and Families

Since I was small I tried to grow things.  I would find the smallest patch of dirt and plant a flower.  Of course, dirt is NOT soil so my efforts didn’t amount to much.  I had few pets when I was a kid ( a turtle here and there) but surely wanted to have animals when I grew up.

I was blessed with a husband who had farming seeping out his pores.  he couldn’t wait to leave our small homestead and move north to Maine.  Here we were able to grow crops and have chickens and goats.  What a wild ride our farming adventure was.  We grew organic baby food crops for Earth’s Best and hand harvested a ton of parsnips by hand, washed them all by hand and shipped them out!

We grew fields of dry flowers and many, many visitors went through our flower field picking their own and then learning in my design classes how to make beautiful wreaths.

Pumpkin fields brought school kids by the busloads from all over the area to pick their own special pumpkin.  The only rule was you had to carry your own pumpkin out of the field.  Farmer husband gave the kids a ride around the field and talked to the kids about where food comes from.

Goats were next, milk and meat.  I loved the kidding season and certainly didn’t mind the milking.  Ducks and chicken were there too.

But alas there is so little money in farming and we grew tired.  So husband went into Special education teaching and I started quilting.  We now only garden since two folks don’t need to go all out any more.

But the story doesn’t end there.

My daughter in NY wanted to have some goats and chickens so when I was ready to move on I put a make shift cage in my minivan and drive 9 hours to NY with 10 hens and 3 goats .  Now she is doing what I did back in the day!

My son in Florida has an organic school garden going to teach the kids about where food comes from.

My youngest puts plants in the soil anywhere she lives!

The legacy lives on.

3 thoughts on “Farms and Families

  1. Nice post; I am from Searsport, ME. I ‘m a Navy spouse
    living in North Carolina…it is humid, down hereah!
    Love the post…great what you have passed on to your children

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