piloted woodpecker, originally uploaded by mabeane6.

I am blessed to have a sunroom with big windows on two sides. It is actually almost a wall of windows so my view to outside is fabulous.
So when I am in the recliner and not knitting, sewing, reading, computing or talking on the phone or with visitors I spend time noticing what’s going on outside.
We have a large tree on one side and lots of birds go in and out of that tree. Today I spot a bit of red and than another on another branch. I was very excited to see a Pileated Woodpecker pair. I was only able to get a picture from a distance but you can tell what it is.
Being confined to this spot has its benefits.

One thought on “Noticing

  1. Wow! We are pretty sure we have some, as we hear noise that HAS to be those big honkin’ birds but have never seen one here. I have a large window facing west and have bird feeders out there. I just saw my first goldfinch in a long while. Glad they are back!! Glad you have large windows so you don’t feel quite as confined. I also have my computer by my recliner … Have a great weekend.

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