Since we were gone all day yesterday I am writing this Q post a day late.

After a day in Bangor I feel more strongly about the quiet of home.

We live in rural Maine. I mean really rural Maine.  The sidewalks (if we had them) roll up before nine PM. Neighbors are friendly but mostly keep to themselves.  Everyone talks to everyone at the local General Store where there is a tiny Post Office.  We happen to be Box 1!  Anything that happens to anyone in the area  is heard about at the store.

Our town boasts a population of 58 at present.

We enjoy the quiet.   We love hearing birdsong in the morning and the peepers at night.  We enjoy the wildlife that crosses our property, deer, moose, wild turkeys, Canada geese and assorted other creatures.

The stars at night are bright and beautiful untouched by artificial light.  The weather crossing the horizon is a treat, seeing where it is raining and where the sun is still shining.

Best of all this is a peaceful place to call home!

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