I have so much to be thankful for.  It has been a hard year but my family has stood by me and helped me.

My husband has been thoughtful, caring, supporting and funny.  When he is funny he makes me laugh.  Laughing is good!

My sewing machine is in good, working order.  Even though my doll making has slowed down I can still make dolls.  This makes me very happy.

We live in a beautiful place with plenty of  things to see from the front room window.  In fact today on my new mandatory walk we saw some wild turkeys.  At first we just saw a hen and then a tom.  Then another tom arrived on the scene and the two toms began a turkey fight.  It was interesting to observe them make their tail feathers fan out and try and slap each other with them.  In the meantime the hen skitter off into the woods.

I have wonderful grandchildren, from the youngest to the oldest each of them is special.

I can hear peepers on spring evenings.

Sunsets here are beautiful!

I could go on and on. I have so much to be thankful for.

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