Vigorous, Vulnerable, Valuable

I was young once, and vigorous.

Now that I am getting older and not in good health I feel very vulnerable.  In my earlier days I could do and did for myself anything and everything. I think it was a pride thing.  Now  I need help.  I don’t just want help, I need help.  I don’t like it.  It makes me feel vulnerable.

My neighbor has thoughtful suggested that I relax and graciously ask for and accept help and then say thank you.  The Yankee self-reliance isn’t serving me very well these days!

I don’t want to feel diminished but rather want to feel valuable.   Its hard for me to be a human being rather than a human doing!

One thought on “Vigorous, Vulnerable, Valuable

  1. It is hard to be vulnerable and relying on others. We know for a fact that not everyone wants to drop everything to help us, especially long term. And yet — when we have a need, gotta ask for help, and Lord blesses us with kindness from some people, and reluctantly tolerant service from others, and the absolute security of his delight in us even when all others sneer.

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