My son, Zach, has used this spelling of his name in his computing.  If you google Xach…he is first in line.  He had done a lot of things that are interesting to use in computing.  I think you would call him a geek!

I remember his first computer experiences when he was just three years old and computers were dinosaurs.   DH had bought one to make address label with, I think, and that didn’t fly so he put all the parts upstairs and both our older son who was 13 and Zach played Pacman on it as well as some other games.  Zach has been computer savvy ever since.

4 thoughts on “Xach

  1. I am not very technically minded where computers are concerned but what peeves me is all 4 of my grandchildren can do things I can’t.

    I enjoyed reading tour post. well done to your son.


  2. Pre- Pac Man, Mom. We wrote BASIC programs to print calendars with custom designs. 🙂 He stuck with it. I’m still just a hack.

  3. I remember a space-invaders clone of some sort that had a demo mode, and remember being scolded for thinking I was winning when the computer was just playing by itself.

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