It Never Did Rain!

Although rain had been promised, so far it hasn’t happened.  The temps are balmy and in the 80s.  It is so unusuall for this time of year here in Maine.  We were able to get some outside work done.  DH disassembled the hen pen and I worked a bit more on the front planter.

I also  finished up an outfit for Imogene and am thinking that the next doll will probably be a boy doll.  I am happy to have the energy to do all this!  It’s a relief.

Tomorrow I will go into Calais again as it is time to have my hair cut once more.  It grows so fast!

3 thoughts on “It Never Did Rain!

  1. It never warmed up down here today like I hoped. This afternoon we got an ocean breeze and it stayed in the 60s.

    • Yes, Connie, the specialist I saw last said the asthma meds were making the VCD worse and took me off them. I am doing so much better and working at gaining stamina.

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