Inch by Inch

Every afternoon we get more completed on the goat pen project.  Today we got the door from the inside pen to the outside put up.  We also fixed the side of the milk stand so Iris does jump off before securing her head.   Today they ate all their hay and finished up their grain!  This is a first.

I am pleased with the progress!

Saturday the buck pen gets tackled.  I hope all goes smoothly.

3 thoughts on “Inch by Inch

  1. Hello Jan
    I am so pleased things are turning out for the better – what fun to have goats again.
    Are they a lot of work? Or is it just at this settling in stage. And what are you planning to do with the milk apart from drink it – make cheese?
    BTW I’ve begun a new blog – time for a change. The new website should link from my name
    Take care

  2. These small goats don’t overload us with milk. Right now less than a quart a day while she is still feeding her baby. I will make some yogurt today. Once things are in place they are relatively easy to care for except they need lots of loving and interaction!

  3. Glad you are going strong on the pens. Thank you for your note …. please send me a short email so that I have your email … my new computer does not have the old emails — didn’t back up Outlook before the old computer crashed (sigh).

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