Busy Days

With the long weekend upon and the weather being so wonderful life has become very busy.

Yesterday I left at 8AM to to yards sales with my friend Bonnie.  These would be early ones since most Yard sales here are on Saturday.  Apparently everyone had something to sell and we went to several.  My best buy was an unused  pair of coverall that cost a whooping 25cents and an LLbeane red long john type shirt for 50 cents. I figured it would be great for those cold winter morning in the barn!

We lunched at the Chinese resaurant and scored some $1.99 Tee shirts at Mardens.

When I got home with window brackets DH said fill the planter boxes and he immediately put them up for me.  Within minutes a hummingbird was at the back box (could be the bright red non-stop begonias!)

While we work we let the ladies and the buckling run loose.  They ran back and forth, in and out of their pen and in and out of the barn.  Zoe even stood at the back door on the deck wanting to be invited in!

Today is already going well.  Miss Iris went up on the milk stand without me even touching her.  I have had to lift her front legs and push her back end to get her on.  My back has been paying for this.  Thanks to Johanna’s back exercises and Advil it is getting better.  I am thinking that I should be milking at night as well as her supply is dropping a bit.

Paul is up and ready to go.  Planting day.The girls are coming today to help move compost into the raised beds.

Sandra and I will plant later.  Maybe Amity will want to help as well!

One thought on “Busy Days

  1. Hello Jan
    It is so good to hear you tell about your daily happenings instead of being stuck indoors reasting – its been along year and I am glad its all over for you
    Are the raised bed going ot be home for lots of veggies? Something to look forward to I reckon lol
    Take care

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