Wonderful, Busy Day

Today has been a wonderful, busy day!  Knowing the rain was coming I hurried out and planted tow more raised beds. Just as I finished it started to rain.  Then I jumped in the shower and when I came out Bonnie was here.  We visited and she took home some extra cuke plants we had.

The phone rang and my sister came to celebrate my birthday a day early.  She brought me twizzlers (my favorite) and a beautiful pair of handknit socks made from the yarn I gave her for her birthday (lol).   We have a long visit and then I headed out to Perry for some goat grain and to Calais to make some exchanges.

After that I needed to see my primary doctor so he could see how well I am.  He was delighted but made an appointment for a month from now to remove a spot I have one my face.  He is not terribly concerned but wants it gone and will send it away for testing.

When I got home the goats were carrying on so I drove up the hill and cut them brambles in the rain.  I love to spoil them!  They seemed very appreciative of the yummy prickly food.

Supper was an easy bacon and eggs and soon I will lay down and listen to the Red Sox game while falling asleep.

Tomorrow I will be older…

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