Out and About

Its a gorgeous day today and I got a long list of things done.  Everything is growing and the yard looks good.

If I smile, will you give me a treat? Notice Zoe has her head on Iris’ back.

The delphiniums have started to blossom.

This is Romeo down below in his pen.

Ah, bread…today was the day to make it!

One thought on “Out and About

  1. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your photos. We had the joy of getting to live in Maine for 2 years, when my husband was in the Navy. We were stationed at Winter Harbor, but sadly, the base has since closed. We got out all the time, and enjoyed doing as much as we could while we were there. You often mention places we visited, and it brings back such fond memories. I just had to comment when I saw your loaves of bread. When we first moved there, we ate at a local restaurant, and I was commenting to another wife about the delicious homemade white bread they served. She said, “You have just eaten at every restaurant in Maine,” meaning that every restaurant served it exactly like that. I think she was implying that I would soon grow tired of it, but I never did.

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