Should I Build an Ark?

It’s raining again today.  Yesterday we had three inches and all the springtime small streams are running.  I am so thankful we put in raised beds as a good part of the garden has standing water.

The goats are a bit weary of it as they hate to be wet and so are inside.  They love to frolic about the yard.

We worked in the late afternoon yesterday when the rain lightened up but today has been steady.

3 thoughts on “Should I Build an Ark?

  1. We went out to the gravel pit to leave a dead fish for the wildlife. Wow! Is the water high in the stream. We drove up the road to see what Peter O’Neil Brook is doing. It’s not as high as the peak at spring melt but it’s close.

  2. Heavy rain here today too Jan. It was so dark this morning that I overslept an extra hour without realizing it. Now it just looks gloomy, and the temp is down 20 degrees from yesterday.

  3. Wow, you have been busy since you found your health again! You are making me dizzy with all your things you are doing.

    Happy late birthday!

    Now that I am home and can start thinking clearly, I hope to get busy outside, too. The gnats seem to be gone and I haven’t seen the bees, yet!

    Have a great day.

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