Long Day!

I woke up this morning with lots to do.  However I have a friend/acquaintance who came by to visit quite often when I was sick and she desperately wanted to go to Calais.  I agreed although I was tired and really wanted to stay home.  I was able to get the fencing I needed to go across the driveway so the goats didn’t run into the street.  Usually it was Chaps running off and the two ladies chasing after him.  We went to several yard sales and I got two more pairs of coveralls as well a couple of flannel shirts.  By the time I got home I was thoroughly exhausted.  I don’t know why it is easier to spend a lot of time with some folks and more tiring with others.

I rested and then set up the fencing and let the goats out.  Chaps raced around wildly while the others munched and crunched the lush grass and weeds.  He headed toward the fence and when he noticed it put on the brakes and slid stopping just in front of it!

Hurrah, it worked!

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