Finding Spools!

I have wanted some spools for the goats ever since I got them.  I asked everyone to keep an eye out for them.  A forgotten Klondike bar brought four of them here!

I asked DH to bring me back a Klondike bar from the local store when he went for gas for the tractor and he said he would.  But…he forgot!  I had been tasting that Klondike bar ever since he agreed to get it.

He was apologetic and said he’d go back for it.  I said “No way.  I can’t wait!”

On my way back home I noticed the NexGen folks were stringing line for rural internet and also saw they had an empty spool and a second one almost empty. I asked the flagger what they did with them and he went and got me the boss.  He said there some stored up in Topsfield  and I could take three or four!

As soon as I got home I made the DH stop what he was doing and take me in the truck to fetch them!

The goats are very thankful and happy with them.

Chaps also enjoys my chair!

One thought on “Finding Spools!

  1. I was going to stop Monday morning after dropping Taylor off for UB. I remembered you saying you wanted them for the goats. I was back before 8 am and they weren’t working yet. I’m glad you got them!

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