Baby Lust

Waiting for Zoe to have babies..or not has filled me with baby lust (kid doelings that is) .  It certainly looks like Zoe did not settle this season and will be put in with the buck soon for next season.  Chaps has been wethered and is ready to go home as a pet. He’s been a delight ful baby.

He is up for sale.

Webster is also looking for a home .  He,too, is available.

Does and doelings are what we are looking for to have milk and yohgurt and probably cheese.

My daughter, Nikki, scoped out a doeling I was looking at and purchased her for me. Then the owner emailed me and said I could have the second one for $50 since they were sisters and he wanted to see them be together.

Tomorrow we travel…my partner in crime…Sandra and I to Brewer to bring them home.

I am recovering from the toe fracture also it still throbs at night. I also had a minor operation to remove a mole on my face today.  That went well and I should be good as new in 4 to 6 weeks.

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