Will she settle?

This morning, after milking I put Iris and Zoe in the outside pen.  Zoe ran right down to the fence line and got next to Romeo.  She didn’t even stop for the food I brought with me.  I brought her out and walked down to the buck pen door and she raced inside.  Clearly she was “ready” and Romeo did his job at least twice that I observed.  I left her there most of the day and brought her back to her pen at suppertime.  Now the big question is…. will she settle?  If she does it means December kids.  If she comes back into heat in 18 to 21 days we’ll try again.

After the early morning’s excitement I went to some yard sales with Rhana and Sandra.  I found another lovely pot, cast iron with enamel and labelled “Cousance   Made in France”.  It’s a beauty!

One thought on “Will she settle?

  1. I am envious of your pot … I have been keeping my eye out for one but have never found one and can’t afford the new ones.

    I haven’t read your blog for a while (shame on me) so have spent some time catching up. I love your doelings – they are adorable. Norm looked at the pictures of them and said “That’s good!” in a tone that means — good for you, not for ME. (SIGH)

    I worry, though, about your spools. Don’t you worry about them putting their foot in a hole and breaking a leg? If’n I had spools, I’d put a plywood cover over them to protect the goats from the holes … maybe there isn’t the worry about them, but then, that’s me.

    Enjoy your goats. I hope Zoe settled. I envy your milk (I made yogurt with town milk for Peanut and wished I had natural milk for her yogurt).

    And it will cool off and we will dream about these lazy, hazy days.

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