Moving Right Along

Its cool this morning allowing for a thorough cleaning of the goat pens.  It is certainly more pleasant to clean at 50 degrees than at 90 degrees!  DH has set it up so it is very easy for me to manage and I appreciate that.  I hustled the goats out to the outside enclosure without Iris, she refused. I locked her in the porch pen and got everything in record time.  I even eyeballed the spot for a third pen, should we need it.

DH has a big exam tomorrow in order to get early education special ed certification.  He is spending the day reviewing and studying.  I shall try to stay out of his way and not have any needs today that I can’t address myself!

I am a bit ditzy these days with the variety of meds running around in my system and seem to have good days and not so good days .  I try to remember things could be worse and find enjoyment in goat adventures and reading.  This, too, shall Pass.

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