An Awesome God

Sunset, originally uploaded by mabeane6.

A wonderful day is concluded with a beautiful sunset.

This morning after a good night’s sleep I gave the day  to whatever God would bring to me in it.

I thought I might go and do a few yard sales and asked Bonnie to go with me. She usually says, “No.” but today she came. Instead of going south to Calais we headed to Houlton. I needed sunflower seeds for my goats and wanted to price fencing and check out some feed options at Aroostook Milling.

I knew there was one yard sale on the way and Bonnie loves yard sales.  I told her we could stop at any and all that she wanted to stop at.

The first two were losers…nothing for us there.  Then we hit one where she found several items of clothing she wanted.  I found an eclectic jacket for 50 cents.  On to Houlton where there were many.  At the first one in Houlton I came up with $3 for an ice cream maker (Coffe ice cream, Peter?). She also found some items she wanted.  We found another where I picked up Balto and Lion King VCR movies for the grandboys to watch when they come to visit. (another 50cents)  The next one was at an old lady’s house.  She had many lovely quilts she had made.  She also had plums in a bowl on the table.  She offered them to me and I asked about them.  She pointed to a close by tree and said, “Pick some if you want.”  I wanted.  I did. It was loaded with fruit!

We hit a few more where Bonnie acquired more “stuff’ (didn’t I say she loved yard sales!)  By then hunger overtook us.  A quick Burger King meal did the trick.  On the way to lunch Bonnie pointed a sign that said “Moving Sale”.  I told her I was too hungry and we would hit it on the way back.  I really didn’t hold out much hope it would anything worth stopping for.

But God knew the desires of my heart.  On the way back, headed toward Aroostook Milling she said again, “Jan, the moving sale.”

I turned into a tiny uphill driveway shaking my head.  We went inside and I immediately noticed a small wire dog crate.  I have been wanting a large one to contain baby goats since I got the girls bred. I had priced them and they were mucho bucks….out of my price range.  I asked about a larger one under the small one and the seller said it was already sold.  I expressed disappointment and she said that she had an extra large one she hadn’t put out because she wanted $25 for it.  Did I want to look at it?  I did.

I bought it!

She got a man to put it into the car and we were off to the Milling store.  On the way out of the driveway Bonnie commented on the roll of fencing in the garage.  I backed up and looked.  I got out of the car to ask about it.

Yup. That was for sale and she had another as well. Never used it she said and she gave me a price.  I told her “maybe” I’d be back.  We headed off to the grain store where I priced the same roll of wire and she truly was selling it for 1/2 price.   A consult by phone with husband said , “yes, you can get it.”

On the way back to purchase two 100 foot rolls of wire we picked up some fresh, local cantalope for a dollar a piece.

Two younger women loaded my jeep with the wire and we headed home.


The goats were yelling when I got home since it was feeding time.  Before I got them fed and watered my husband had eaten 1/2 a cantalope.

God is so good.  He knows before we do how He is going provide for us.

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