Sleepless and making plans

I didn’t sleep well last night.  No, I wasn’t over tired.  Just over excited!

I thought of a bazillion different ways to configure the new fence area… not that I would be doing the work, you see, but mainly thinking I might know or come up with the perfect configuration for it.

I guess I spent a sleepless night for nothing since my DH, who the one doing the work, will certainly come up with the best ideas and they will work better than I can think up… especially since I am the obtainer of the wire only!

He took the two rollls out of the car this morning as well as the wire cage.

The gal who sold the cage to me said it was easy to set up and take down.

She wasn’t wrong.  It was a breeze!

Why is this goat smiling?

She loves my new $.50 funky jacket that DH has assured me would work for the mornings milking.

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