Working away

I am slowly getting the hang of the new computer.  I am amazed at all I had made automatic that I need to redo.  However if I take it slowly I manage quite well.

DH has been busy in the woods and brought out 9 “sawlogs” on Sunday.  By Monday the sawmill had them cut into usable boards.  They will be for our raised beds!  He is planning to build those on Saturday.  It’s exciting to see these projects coming together.

One thought on “Working away

  1. Having a new computer IS time consuming to put everything back on, get used to a new system, etc. Glad you got a new one. Norm is impressed with the wood for the raised beds but mentioned that HE just made a raised bed the other day – for Peanut …. he says she didn’t have enough padding in her bed so he cut some foam for her that I need to cover so SHE has a “raised bed.”

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