Waiting for the soil

Waiting for the soil, originally uploaded by panacealater.

Husband worked all day yesterday building the beds. Today our neighbor will help fill them up!
I spent the day doing a weekly cooking session and working on dolls. I have only one left in stock and Christmas is coming!
I am still taking Christmas orders as well

3 thoughts on “Waiting for the soil

  1. Lovely new beds… are these additions to your garden (ie making it bigger) or do you make new ones from time to time to replace old ones? We have always done in ground gardening, but now with the new house, I am thinking of making my new garden with raised beds. How do you till them from season to season?By hand or small tiller?

    • These are new bringing the bed count up to16.
      We had a lot of seasoned compost that we needed to use and this was a great use for it.
      We generally fork it over before we plant.

    • Actually it is not forked over. The fork tines go straight down and the handle pulled back on to aerate the soil. The idea is not to mix the layers. Lower layers contain weed seeds that will stay dormant if they don’t rise to the occasion. We converted from rows to beds a few each season. We have 18 now.

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