All Day and Then Some

Yesterday I went with Sandra to Brewer to have My SIL Art put new tires on my Jeep.  He is a wonderful, thoughtful, thorough guy and knows his stuff.  He gave us a loaner so they could go over the car and put it on the lift and do all the car/mechanic stuff it appeared to need.  We went here and there in Bangor using our lists and completing our tasks.  My neglected Jeep got some TLC, new tires, an alignment, brake pads, an oil change and a u bolt as well as a “come back and get he brake line fixed” from Art and his crew.

It did take all day and we did not leave the area until after five.  Sandra was just wonderful and drove all over Bangor as well as driving all the way home.  I, as usual, hit the 3 o’clock wipeout and had very little energy to do much more than be pleasant and appreciative.

We were able to go see the progress of Art and Nikki’s new addition.  Its large and light and airy and will make a wonderful family room.  We also had supper out in an effort to see if food would up my energy level.

The car drove well on the way home, benefitting from its new “sneakers” as Sandra called the tires and the alignment.

Needless to say, I was tired when we got home and the bed was most welcome.

I am so thankful for friends and family who are selfless in their concern for me.

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