Wood Out of the Woods…

Or so the DH has told me.  He has been very busy this morning bringing it all out and putting it in the greenhouse.  The weather is cool and windy and many trees have dropped their leaves. The usual spectacular color has been muted this year.

We got up this morning to a cold house. Because the  wood stove  needed cleaning out we decided to let it go out and use the gas overnight.  No go.  By morning it was cold and the gas stove had an error message. This week we call the gas man to come take a look.  Fortunately the husband jumped right up out of bed, quickly removed the now cold coals and started the fire anew.  It has been cozy inside all day!

I am busy with” doll making and doll clothes making” stopping intermittently to make beds and meals.  When I stop to rest I usually pick up the knitting so as to have some doll sweaters done.

The creative ideas are coming much faster than the energy level can handle.  Its tiring and exciting.

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