The Nerve

Well, yes it probably is the nerve creating the pain.  Last week’s free dental clinic told me I have a problem that requires either a root canal or an extraction.  I usually let ’em just pull it out but this is the eye tooth and very visible.  I am looking for options besides a gaping hole.  I am looking for options I can tolerate as well.  Dentist phobic ya’ know.

I called Tuesday and they got me in today at 8 AM.  Now Ellsworth is a ride ( a couple of hours) so I need to leave at 6 AM meaning milking has to be done pretty soon so I can get dressed in my non farm clothes and get out of here.

I’m not scared.  I’m not scared. I’m not scared.

3 thoughts on “The Nerve

  1. Hope the dentist was less painful and scary than you anticipated. Good luck. My niece, who is only 37, is having all her teeth pulled and getting dentures … bad teeth genes in our family. I feel fortunate that I have the teeth I have left!

  2. The tooth was scheduled for a root is an eye tooth but it showed a huge cavity above the gum line so it needed to be taken out, Now I have a “fetching hole up front…NOT!

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