I Laid Low Today

I am recovering from the tooth extraction and the Dentist said, “Take it easy.”

As much as I understood , Take it easy”. I did.

Having torrential rains helped.  Having a good friend come a visit helped.  Taking meds that slooowed me down helped.  I know tomorrow I will feel so much better and will be able to get on with all the exciting projects in front of me.  This time of year my mind’s awhirl!

One thought on “I Laid Low Today

  1. Hello Jan
    Hope things buck up for you soon – toothache is not nice even when the offending tooth is no longer there.

    It rained here on and off all week, torrential overnight last night and poured all day today. Really cold, not Springlike at all. Very cold air came up from Antarctica abd some places nearby even had snow – definitely not Springlike lol
    Take care

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