Just when you thought your schooling was over the lessons begin anew!

I am finding that there is a lot of learning to be had in the aging process.  I had an abscessed tooth out on Friday and was ever so thankful to have the offending infection culprit gone. So..given it was gone I could “do” life as usual, right?


I missed the lesson of healing time.  Even though the problem was taken care of, the time to heal had not be allotted. (See how my mind works.)  So discouragement arrived in the two days following as energy was drained (takes energy to heal) and exhaustion set in.  Finally after some investigating I found that if you have an extraction you should take time off from work ( 3 to 5 days) . I don’t work outside the home so that didn’t mean me or so I thought.  I also realized that I didn’t fit into the work age group either.

Ha! and I live in this “alien” body, the one  aging so much faster than my mind.

So I am granting myself a reprieve.  Today I will do less, worry less and heal more.

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