Happy! Happy!

I have upgraded my little herd with the sweetest little goats thanks to Michelle and her little girls. (I am sorry it made the girls so sad to see them go.)  They rode home in the back of the truck in a single kennelcab without difficulty.  He even managed to to breed her a couple of times on the way home!  They are the perfect Nigerian Dwarf size and are very mild disposition wise.  I cannot imagination a better outcome in my quest for a hornless buck and another milker.

I did a bit of juggling with the pens as there is such tussle when new ones arrive.  Molly and Abby are fine with Rainbow while Iris looks on from the next pen.  Zoe is still down with Romeo and Halifax is in the outside porch pen with a dog igloo if he needs it.  When Romeo leaves for his new home Halifax will join Zoe in the bottom pen.  She should be good company for him and not a problem with the others while they adjust to each other.

I have been in and out of Halifax’s pen without any problem… he is so different from Romeo.  I am pleased.

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