Lessons Relearned or My Husband, My Hero!

People make mistakes.  I make mistakes.  It is a learning process this life journey.

I love goats and goats’ milk and last May in my excitement I overlooked some potential problems with the herd I chose to buy.  I didn’t think a beautiful blue eyed buck with horns would be any problem.  And I didn’t fully understand the “he thinks butting is playing” words that the woman who sold him to me said as we loaded him.   So for 7 months I have lived with a buck that I was afraid to be near.

I also didn’t get that although a steady and sweet milker Iris wasn’t giving me that much milk.  I justified it by saying that she was six and had never been hand milked…had only nursed her young and then dried off.

But after a month, long back and forth on a milker I wanted, to supplement through the winter I was able to purchase her and a dehorned buck as well.  When DH helped unload them both he thought that they looked good and was pleased at how easy Halifax was to handle.

When inside he said the buck with the horns must go.  A phone call was made and the buck left within two hours.

My hero went out in the rain and in the dark and loaded this guy into a large wire dog cage and never once complained.  When the new owner came he moved the cage from the back of our truck into her van and off he went.

This morning’s milking and feeding was as smooth as butter .  Thank you, sweet heart for being so supportive.

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